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How do I show/hide elements depending on multiple factors?

Asked 03 Apr 2018 08:33:05
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03 Apr 2018 08:33:05 Bruce Wilkie posted:
I've asked this elsewhere and several times in chat window but nobody has answered so I'm worried that it's not appearing in DMXZone notification systems.

Posting here just in case somebody sees it.

I can't continue work on a tight project deadline until I find out how to do this.

Is there an actual manual for App Connect? I'm sure this is really simple but nobody seems to be available to help.

Anyway, here's the question I'm looking for an answer for:

How do I show or hide an item depending on the result of two different factors, such as field values in a single select/query?

Show the div if either query.field1 OR query.field2 has a value

Note, in my case I've got a table of racing fixtures and for each row in the table I want to link to a results page for but only if a results pdf or a report pdf is available for that particular racing fixture.

My code so far for the repeating row is below, but it's not working at the moment:

<tr dmx-repeat:repeatfixtures="">
<span dmx-show="fixturedate2"> - {{fixturedate2}}</span></td>
<td><a href="" title="Dowload Entry form for Round {{fixtureround}}" dmx-show="entryform" dmx-bind:href="./datafiles/fixturefiles/{{entryform}}">download now</a><span dmx-hide="entryform">not available</span></td>

<!-- the table cell below - I'm trying to show if either of two query fields has a result -->

<td><a href="" title="view results/reports for Round {{fixtureround}}" dmx-show="reportfile OR resultfile" dmx-bind:href="series_fixture_results.php?fixtureid={{fixtureid}}&seriesid={{seriesid}}">view results/reports</a><span dmx-hide="reportfile OR resultfile" >not available yet</span></td>


thanks in advance


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