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deleting a record, filtered by a URL parameter...

Asked 15 Apr 2018 06:55:30
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15 Apr 2018 06:55:30 dougie coulter posted:
I've managed to delete a record filtered by a url parameter, only because I found this post where another user "aaron clark" very kindly offered the help that the official support didn't. (but that's a discussion for some other time)

Anyway, the problem I have is that using the instructions (detailed below) the record is deleted without warning even though as far as I can see the form should not autosubmit.

What do I need to do to create a delete page with a button that lets me review the record about to be deleted first. Nothing fancy, just the same as I'd already done with server connect and html5 bindings before I discovered they were outdated and had to start again!



to delete

create a new page and name it

create a server action file and name it
add a get variable and name it
add a database connection
add a database query to find the required record (add all fields) and then filter it by the get variable
add a database delete and then filter it by the get variable
save the server action file

in app connect panel
click add app connect to page
click on app and name the app ID
click define query parameters and then right click query and add variable (name it)
right click on app and add server connect from data menu
select the action file you created earlier
click the lightning symbol next to the get variable in the input parameters and select the variable you just created
right click on server connect -insert after form - form
change form handler to dmx
set the form action to the action you created
add a static event - server connect - success
goto url (select page to go to once the delete has been done)

this should delete your desired record

to send you to this page you need to create dynamic a link to that page from your detail page
this link needs to pass the ID in the url. This link will help


Replied 19 Apr 2018 12:39:19
19 Apr 2018 12:39:19 dougie coulter replied:
Forget this now too, I've figured it out.

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