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Input parameters uppercase and hyphen/underscore problem

Reported 28 Jan 2019 07:43:49
has this problem
28 Jan 2019 07:43:49 David Woolley posted:
Why does App Connect change

Form field: searchTitle

<input type="text" class="form-control" name="searchTitle" id="searchTitle">

Server Action query filters on contains {{$_GET.searchTitle}}

When I add this Input Parameter to the Server Connect properties in App Connect, it renames the dmx-param to searchtitle like so:


then clears the value from the Input Parameter box, and names the box search title !!

Query does not work - no records shown.

If I change the form field id & name to searchtitle , then it all works as it should.

Similar problem with '-' and '_'

I'm slowly converting a complex database site that uses HTML5 Data Bindings to App Connect.
I really don't want to rename all the fields in the database, especially when it comes to inserting and updating records.


Replied 06 Feb 2019 12:46:29
06 Feb 2019 12:46:29 David Woolley replied:
Any suggestions?
Replied 08 Feb 2019 09:00:23
08 Feb 2019 09:00:23 David Woolley replied:
Hi Teodor - I need to know if I have to rename the fields in my database before I continue with this migration from HTML5 Data Bindings to App Connect.
Please let me know urgently.
Replied 08 Feb 2019 13:44:04
08 Feb 2019 13:44:04 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Get variables must always be lowercase because they are used in HTML code as HTML custom attrbiutes: dmx-param:searchtitle="..."
Replied 08 Feb 2019 13:53:02
08 Feb 2019 13:53:02 David Woolley replied:
What about fields with underscores as POST variables?
e.g. system_no
Replied 08 Feb 2019 13:56:52
08 Feb 2019 13:56:52 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Are you referring to POST variables or to GET variables as in your first post you refer to GET?
What kind of issues do you have with POST variables and when?

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