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Getting POST values from external form and autopopulate on server connect login form inputs

Asked 23 Dec 2020 01:54:12
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23 Dec 2020 01:54:12 Kent Angel posted:
I'm trying to transfer/post data between 2 different systems - one in PHP and the other in classic ASP. Both are running separate app/server connect/security provider 2 environments in their respective programming languages.

I have a PHP login through security provider 2 and need to post some of retrieved logged in user values to a second login form in ASP, but I can't figure out how to correctly get the POST values from the first PHP login process and insert them into the initial ASP form inputs.

I've setup Query params on the ASP app connect form and added dynamic attribute values of query.* to the respective ASP form inputs, but the values never populate.

This is my process so far:

1. PHP server connect login form using security provider 2 instructions (
2. On success, redirect to 2nd PHP form protected with sp enforcer (
3. 2nd form inputs populated via dynamic attribute values, with logged in user details from selected database fields
4. 2nd PHP form (standard, not server connect) post action to ASP server connect form (this is manual submit for now, but I plan on autosubmitting at this point)
5. ASP server connect form page has app connect query params corresponding to post values from PHP submit form in step 4
6. ASP server connect form input values set to dynamic attributes from query params.

PROBLEM: At this point the ASP input values don't populate in the form from the query params. I just need the values from the PHP form to get passed to the ASP login form.

Should this work? Am I missing a step in the form submission between PHP and ASP?


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Replied 24 Dec 2020 02:19:24
24 Dec 2020 02:19:24 Kent Angel replied:
I just did a manual request.form(element) in the ASP input values instead of trying to use the app connect query params and it seems to be populating the form field values now.

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