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Adding URL Rewrite makes App Connect data fail

Asked 06 May 2021 15:09:22
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06 May 2021 15:09:22 Charles Knight posted:
I've created a rewrite in htaccess and it is causing App Connect to stop delivering dynamic data to my page.

I noticed that all my script and css links needed to have the full url path, once I added the full path to all the DMXZone scripts the page stops showing the binding code {{}} and is now blank.

I have found a question from four years ago which I think might be the same issue but was on IIS.

Was the update ever done and if so what's wrong with my page?



Replied 10 May 2021 07:15:09
10 May 2021 07:15:09 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
You can't use URL rewrites like that with App Connect.
If you want to use url rewrites/routing then you can switch to Wappler, where it offers these and much more, really more advanced than what's available in DW.
Replied 10 May 2021 07:46:35
10 May 2021 07:46:35 Charles Knight replied:
Well that sucks!!!

I don't want to use Wappler, I have a lot invested in DW with your extensions so why would I change?

Is your focus now entirely on Wappler rather than the development of your extensions?
Replied 10 May 2021 07:57:39
10 May 2021 07:57:39 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Our DW extensions just do not support url rewriting with htacess - it's been like that since the initial release.

Our focus is mainly on Wappler indeed, but that's because Adobe do nothing to improve DW or update the old technologies used in it, which is a blocker for us. The nice new things available in Wappler are not really possible in DW because of that.

We will continue supporting the extensions and releasing new ones of course, but as explained the main focus of the company is on Wappler.

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