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appconnect missing error message

Reported 17 Jan 2019 19:52:49
have this problem
17 Jan 2019 19:52:49 Greta Garberini posted:
Hi, I am using appconnect form validator 1.1.2 to check if an email already exists in the database. So I applied it in the server connect panel before the insert server action. If the email exists it does not insert, so it is working as expected *but* there is no error message. I used bootstrap4 form generator before I applied form validator in the insert record form.

Is there any extra action needed in the appconnect panel?

Thanks for your reply


Replied 18 Jan 2019 09:19:30
18 Jan 2019 09:19:30 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Greta,
Probably you forgot to enter the field name in the validation step UI.
Replied 21 Jan 2019 08:04:24
21 Jan 2019 08:04:24 Greta Garberini replied:
Hi Teodor,
No, I did not forget to enter the field name:

<input name="mailadressen" type="email" class="form-control" id="mailadressen" placeholder="Eingabe Mailadresse" aria-describedby="mailadressen_help">

The expression field in App Connect Validator is {{$_POST.mailadressen}}. Under Validation Properties / Field Properties the Linked Field value is

Under Validation Rules I ticked "Does Not Exist in Database" I checked the options Connection, Table and Message. The Column

was chosen.

So I can't find an error there.
Any idea?


Replied 21 Jan 2019 08:23:29
21 Jan 2019 08:23:29 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Could you provide a link to your page where i can check that?
Replied 26 Jun 2019 19:12:24
26 Jun 2019 19:12:24 KATHLEEN SHURYN replied:
Was there a solution to this? I am having the exact same problem. The form validation is working and is not allowing a duplicate record but I am unable to show an error message to the user.
Replied 29 Mar 2020 12:58:42
29 Mar 2020 12:58:42 Utku Selamoglu replied:
not working
Replied 30 Mar 2020 09:07:21
30 Mar 2020 09:07:21 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello guys,
most probably you are missing the validator js file on the page if that happens. Just apply any fron-end validation on the form using the App Connect Form Validator so the js file gets added on the page.

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