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Textarea is showing

Reported 27 Jul 2017 02:25:33
has this problem
27 Jul 2017 02:25:33 Ben Pleysier posted:
Not sure what I am doing wrong, but the textarea is showing as well as the Editor field. I am developing with Bootstrap 4 and associated jQuery 3 files.

My workaround was to add !important as in

.medium-editor-hidden {
display: none !important; }

If this is a general problem, it may be an idea to place this in medium-editor.css as default.


Replied 27 Jul 2017 05:47:43
27 Jul 2017 05:47:43 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Ben,
Did you add medium editor region, or medium editor textarea?
Please provide a link to your page, where we can check what is wrong.
Replied 27 Jul 2017 06:00:26
27 Jul 2017 06:00:26 Ben Pleysier replied:
Replied 27 Jul 2017 06:56:33
27 Jul 2017 06:56:33 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Something with styling is not really right on your page.
Did you add medium editor region, or medium editor textarea? Also is this page using the rule you mentioned on your previous post? Can you try adding this on a blank new, not-styled page and tell me if it works fine for you?
Replied 28 Jul 2017 02:37:33
28 Jul 2017 02:37:33 Ben Pleysier replied:
Hi Teodor, thanks for spending your time on me.

For this exercise I have used Bootstrap 3 to keep things simple.
  1. BS3, normal inputs
  2. BS3, with input-group
  3. BS3, with input-group and CSS modification

  4. I hope this helps
Replied 28 Jul 2017 07:11:56
28 Jul 2017 07:11:56 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Thanks for the links Ben,
I'll send this to the developers.

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