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Reported 28 Jun 2019 06:52:40
has this problem
28 Jun 2019 06:52:40 Steven Irwin posted:
I have set the dropzone input to validate files < 5000000 in server connect and this does halt the form and sends back the response as seen in Chrome inspector:

{"form":{"image_url[]":"Please select a file of no more than 5000000 bytes."}}

This does not show up under the form field as per normal and in fact doesn't appear at all on the page. The form just doesn't submit (as expected due to failed validation). I would expect to see the reason why on the page as I do with any other form field that fails validation.

You can see it here and try it yourself:

Note that the image is not required so try dropping an image over 5MB on the drop field. Everything with an * is required.

I need the failed validation to show on the page. I tried setting a notification for dynamic event to show the error using the form lastError and the form data upload error but it is not there.

When I view the page elements in Chrome inspector I can see the drop zone shows a DIV rather than a file input. Not sure if this is why the validation is not showing. I can also see that the validation message is not present in the code at all (not just hidden).

Please provide a solution as this needs to go live asap.

Thank you!


Replied 29 Jun 2019 02:13:37
29 Jun 2019 02:13:37 Steven Irwin replied:
Just tested same with conventional file upload and works as expected with full client side validation. No validation with dropzone at all. I have to move on from this for my client but would appreciate being advised when fixed

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