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can't upload large files

Reported 08 Aug 2010 03:46:28
has this problem
08 Aug 2010 03:46:28 joe dallera posted:
Just downloaded php upload 2. Works great except I can't get it to upload files larger than about 2MB. My site is designed for mp3 files 5-6MB in size. From reading the forum it sounds like this is a typical issue...but I need a dumbed down version on how to fix it. All I know how to do so far is increase the limit size and the timeout time. Can you please help me??


Replied 09 Aug 2010 11:09:50
09 Aug 2010 11:09:50 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Joe,

Have you checked your max upload size and max post size in php.ini file?
By default they are set to 8 and 2 MB.
Check those two and if upload is still not happening post you code here or send it as attachment to

Replied 10 Aug 2010 02:06:45
10 Aug 2010 02:06:45 joe dallera replied:
Thanks! Can I make these values as large as i want? Are there any limitations?
Replied 10 Aug 2010 09:47:36
10 Aug 2010 09:47:36 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Joe,

For more info on those variables(and all others) in php.ini check following page:


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