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  • Google Rolls Out New Search Page Look
    Google – Google's new search page layout, turns the navigational tools horizontal
  • Google Drops Pricing On Cloud Storage
    Google – Cloud Storage price goes down 20%, new features added
  • Google Reduces Its Cloud Storage Pricing For 2nd Time
    Google – Pushed by Amazon, Google is reducing prices of its Cloud Storage again
  • Google to Phase Out Sync, Other Services
    Google – The winter cleaning will end support for old or less-used services
  • Google Looks to Ditch Passwords
    Google – Google engineers are looking at ways to stop using passwords
  • Google Updates Image Search to be Faster
    Google – Google is cutting down on clicks needed in an image search
  • 9th Edition Of Google's Summer Of Code Program
    Google – Summer Of Code Program will start taking applications in April
  • Google's Chromebook Pixel Elevates Chrome OS
    Google – Chromebook Pixel: a premium Chrome OS laptop shipping next week for $1,299