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Inline Ajax Validation for Existing Record in a Database

“Validating If a Record Exists in a Database”

Due to the many users requests we received recently, we have one more video tutorial this week to show you how to check if a record exists before inserting or updating data into your database. In order to do that you need HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP for the database part and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 with its Elements for the registration form, buttons and alerts. Check out the video below for full details on how to achieve it.



DMXzone Database Connector ASP
Connect to your database
DMXzone Database Connector PHP
Connect to your database
HTML5 Data Bindings
Connect to your data
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
DMXzone Database Updater ASP
Define and connect your database update actions
DMXzone Database Updater PHP
Define and connect your database update actions

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