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“Our weekly content summary”

This is our weekly content summary that features all important announces during the week and also updates, latest showcases and videos. This week we released an improved version of Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart, which comes with the latest jQuery 1.10.2 and optimized discount calculation. Also we announced our upcoming extension DMXzone Font Awesome that will be released next Wednesday. Make sure to check out the complete list of content below.

Until next Wednesday you can get Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart with discount in our extensions section!


Photography Print Store Showcase

For this showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 for the responsive page layout and also its Elements add-on for the buttons, which appear on mouse over. The shopping cart is executed with Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart.


Blog Posts

DMXzone Font Awesome Coming Next Week

The iconinc font designed for Bootstrap

Font Awesome is a web font containing all the icons from the Twitter Bootstrap framework plus many more, and now our developers wrapped it up into a great Dreamweaver extension, which we'll release next week. DMXzone Font Awesome contains 369 fully scalable amazing icons that you can use directly in your Dreamweaver with a fantastic Live preview. Stay tuned for more details coming on Monday!

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Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart Improved and on Sale

Check out what's new and get it with discount

This week we have an improved version of Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart, which comes with the latest jQuery 1.10.2 and optimized discount calculation. This great Dreamweaver tool allows you to deliver full shopping experience and sell easily any kind of products on your website. Check out our latest showcase that combines Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements in an awesome photography print store. Until next Wednesday you can get Sliding PayPal ...

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Change Inline Styles Using HTML5 Data Bindings

Change the inline styles of any HTML element

In our latest video tutorial Teodor Kuduschiev is using HTML5 Data Bindings to change the inline styles of any HTML5 element on the page. In order to do that he adds a select menu with the color names and HEX codes as values, and uses the form value as the inline style value. More details on how to do that you'll find in the movie below.

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Improve Your Site SEO with DMXzone Extensions

Dynamic page title and meta description values

Dynamic page title and meta description values are only one of the many ways you can improve your website SEO and you can easily achieve that with our recently released HTML5 Data Bindings SEO, which is available in both PHP and ASP versions. Simply, create your database source using HTML5 Data Bindings and HTML5 Database Connector PHP/ASP and use the data elements of your database source for the page title and meta description tags. A step by step tutorial is available below and in our videos ...

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DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
HTML5 Data Bindings
Connect to your data
HTML5 Data Bindings SEO ASP
Search Engine Optimization for Ajax Apps
HTML5 Data Bindings SEO PHP
Search Engine Optimization for AJAX Apps
DMXzone Database Connector ASP
Connect to your database
DMXzone Database Connector PHP
Connect to your database
Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart
Create your full powered web shop with just a few clicks in Dreamweaver!

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