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hi dea,i was wondering how u go about in dreamweaver with php to access sqlite for database.tanks,


online reservation-restaurant

hi..a very good day...Im working on a project where i am doing online reservation-restaurant. It have tried to scripts it using Ajax, PHP but still i have some problems where i want the seat reserve prior to date and time. if some one book on the same date and time how will i do it?i need help how to make it possible?

event remainder

 I was asked to do a mini project in my college.the project is about event remaider calendar.i was fedup by browsing for code and to know how do i do?how do i add events to the day of the calendar which is displayed.

Looking to make a digital wedding book using photoshop
i want to make a digital wedding book as a gift for my wife.  any ideas or tutorials that can help me make one?
Requesting user to upload a photo
I am trying to devise a form for a user to be able to submit a photo in CS3 but cannot find any info on how to do this.
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