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Forms Validation

no need to install hindi fonts on client side

Hi Friends,

    I want to develop a website in hindi. But I want no need to install hindi fonts on client side. is this possible or not??? And If possible how can it will be possible.

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Working on a site for a physics teacher who would like students to be able to post ideas directly to the page for discussion. I would appreciate help with this in any form. I am pretty clueless as to where to begin on this. THANX Read More

drop in pictures to own web site and obtain a short 30 sec movie

I’m a beginner but the job I would like to do is not simple. I would like to create an interactive site where client can drop in pictures from their own pc and obtain a short 30 sec. movie with flash, ready to be watched one their site. I'm using dreamwaver and flash 8

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Imagery and Graphics

The Perfect Gift. . .  Free Art
thousands of original paintings
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Create Image from webpage

Hi, I am createing my own small stat counter to use on my websites.  I have easily created the counter, but i now want to display my table with the totals in it as a single image... i have seen this done on other free stat counters.. can someone help me out

Thanks heaps in advance


P.S. I hope i have written this in the correct place!! :)

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