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Server Side

wiki pages

I'm looking for a tutorial on how to create/maintain "WIKI" pages, preferably with Dreamweaver? Read More

Trying to update an XML file with PHP (Flash Trivia Game)

Hello everyone,  I have a XML driven Flash 8 (AS2) Trivia Game that works great.  It reads in questions, directions, scores, initials, tallys, etc.  What I would like to do is update the XML after each game (the top ten: initials, scores, as well as tallys)  The tallys are the percentages that add up and let the contestant know what percentages of the multiple choice answers were chosen by all past players.  Basically it just adds 1 to whatever answer the contestant chooses.  The trivia game currently has ten questions, each a 4 answer MC question.  

I have no PHP background experience, but need to jump this hurdle ASAP to figure out how to update the XML after the trivia submit button.  I know that appending data at the end of the XML isn't a problem, it's the writing back and only effecting certain child nodes (some halfway deep) on the original XML (i.e. only top ten scores, top ten initials, and the tallys for each question (right now 40 - 10X4 tallys each)) 

If there is any good articles or videos or sites please let me know.  I learn fast.   Thanks....  

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Client Side

"Drag and Drop" selection of product variables

I would like to design a "drag and drop" interface for product customization on an ecommerce website.
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File Upload and record insert into table

I can upload a file to my server from my local machine, I can also do the add record, edit and delete of table records via Mysql etc....

All these I can do individually, what I can not do is create a recordset insert which also uploads the image file at the same time using PHP.

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Load page by date

I need to display "Page A" on four days of the month (the 14th thru 17th), then display "Page B" on all the other days.  Is there a simple way to automate this?


Thank you.


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