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Asp Upload Add-on Pack

ATutorial on how to update an image in the singular as well as multiple using Pure ASP Uploade 3 Add-on Pack   for example:   I currently load photos into an images folder:  "images/"& Session("contractno")   I store the path in a sql database which also includes the extra field PhotoPosition   I can have many photos in each sub folder.   All loads well but when I try to update one photo - say PhotoPosition 1   I find all the photos are updated with the new image.   A tutorial on file paths etc would make life a great deal easier Read More

dremweaver tutorial

I urgently need the tutorials of dreamweaver  to help me maintaining website at work place
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Help with 'putting' new pages to website using Dreamweaver 2004 MX

I'm having a problem updating my website.  I am trying to add a new page to my site.  I create the new document, name it, and then save it.  After linking the new page to ones that are currently on the site by using the 'dragging' method I then 'put' the new page.  I then check the website and find that the address bar at the top of the page 'indicates' that the page is there, but everything is blank.  I then try again with the same results.  What am I missing here?  I have 'put' pages before without this hassle.  Please, can someone point me in the right direction? Read More

Database entry and lookup with flash interface

I work as a dispatcher for a courier service. i need a way to lookup a set of fixed prices based on a zip code while logging a clients name and assigning a driver to the package. I also need a space to log details about the package. I also want to have a tally of the days work.



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web photo use

How Do I upload a web photo album in Dreamweaver mx
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