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Client Side

sona maan

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update website by e-mail


I would like to update a web page of ours website by sending a tekstmessage by e-mail.

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Client Side

Page Load Progress Indicator

Many times when building an application we need to load/unload a page into the browser to display new info.  With classic ASP (which is still alive and kicking) it's very hard to create a pre-loader that provides a visual indication that a page is still loading, or better, that a script is still in progress.  It would be great to have an extension (most likely using AJAX) that allows you to specify a progress indicator (and style) and a way to allow a progress indicator to appear while a page is loading or script is running and then automatically clear the progress indicator when the page has loaded or script has completed - In short, similar to a progress indicator you see when a video is loading into a media player.  Basically, this extension should work by adding it to a "main" page and then perhaps specify an IFRAME or <DIV> on the main page as the target container to hold the loaded contents; A button (graphic or actual) on the main page would then be specified through the extension's interface with a behavior that would "load" a page or execute a script - either of which could be dynamicially specified. This extension should work for classic ASP (and probably PHP to make it universally adaptable).

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ASP Command

As you probably know, the ASP Command implementation is broken, and has been broken since CS3 was introduced. Yes, that's right, ever since CS3. The last version that actually worked was DW8.

I use ASP Commands to insert, update, or delete database records based on form values passed from another page. Doing it this way allows me to validate the form data server-side, then insert, edit, or delete database rows in multiple tables.

Can you write an extension that mimicks the capabilites of the ASP Command implementation (back when it actually worked)? It's been a real pain to constantly switch back and forth from DW8 to the current version with better CSS tools... I'd be happy to provide screen shots and/or code samples generated from a working version.

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Client Side


You do not have an extension that adds Skype to a page - a Skype button (that opens a users Skype) or a web based Skype interface (Skype runs in the web browser). I have searched dmxzone using your own search and nothing comes up for this. I ask as I have an "Skype call me button" from webassist that I can't use at the moment due to web assist being a bit useless (the extension wants me to use a serial number to activate it and there is no number for the extension) - if only web assist were as good as you lot

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