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Client Side

Multi langual Website

I don't know if it would be interesting and possible to have an extension with which you can make your website multilangual either in combination with a database or XML files.

I know the easy way is to just create a mirror folders of your site in the different languages and direct users to the right mirror folder of their language. However it would be more interesting if you can store different keylines of text or whole topics in different languages in a table or xml file and show the right language of that on the same page depending on the language of the user. That way it will be easy to update the tables or files with other languages by yourself or even by other users.

I never saw an extension that can help doing this so maybe it's an idea. If more people like this idea then share this and maybe it will come someday.

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PHP Login Suite

I was hoping if someday there would be an extension again for DW CS5 to create an advanced and secure login and registration system. In the past such extension existed under the name of PHP Login Suite v2.

This one was for DW MX but somehow it dissapeared. I still see a link on this website to this extension:
It would be good if such extension would have all the basic features you see online these days like: encryption, captcha code and activation/confirmation email. Create levels to login and hide content on the page per level based etc etc.....

Hope to see it again someday, it will save a lot of hand coding. :-)

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CSS3 Multi-Level Accordian Menu

While the Universal CSS Navigation Menu (UCNM) is great, I'd love to see a version that incorporates a Multi-Level accordion style menu.

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Client Side

Insert Multiple Records

I have a parent/child relationship table (one to many) I would like to be able to insert multiple records in a form which includes using the dmx calendar to pick a date.

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Client Side

Thumbnails drag-drop

It could be very interesting to develop a component to do from a list of thumbnails the possibility to reordered with drag-drop

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