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How about something like the "Jukebox Demo with new Sound Control Feature" that plays videos?


Append or delete multiple records

I can select a record from a source data table by building a Recordset, then use the "Insert Record" wizard to insert selected fields into another destination table.  But it only works one recordata time.  How can I insert new records in the destination table for ALL of the records which satisfy the criteria in the recordset?


Looking for an online image editor that will let the user crop, rotate or other simple stuff online.

Photo Gallery Light Box CMS!

Looking for a simply Light box gallery that my clients can added Pictures and albums on there own to there site.


Please make it happen!!! 



Shopping Cart with flat rate shipping and multiple tax rates
Need a simple cart / product management solution that can do some basic things.  Been looking for over 2 years and can't find one that will work for me.  Flat rate shipping, multiple tax rates, keep the same server, notification of order to multiple email addresses.  Simple stuff, really.  But I'm just a simple Web site designer...not a code junky.  I leave that part to brainy people like you. I'm sure if you came up with such a cart, it would be a mondo hit. 
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