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Web Life 2.0

If you're a web designer, web developer, a blogger or you're willing to become one, this book will provide you with useful and a must know information about the Web Life. From finding the perfect job, promoting yourself, to all the  troubles you can face, and the collection of awesome resources, design guru and author Linda Goin will guide you through the process of growing as a successful business person.

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WordPress Heroes

Everything you need to run WordPress is included in this e-book, including links to find more information as you build your blog, CMS or group Web site(the latter capability comes with WordPress 3.0, which integrates WordPress MU, or Multi-User). You even get tips on how to write a blog. After all, Wordpress provides the secure platform for your site - you're the one who needs to make that blog succeed through great content and an eye on upgrades and secure templates and plugins.

Be sure to tap into the new WordPress 3.0 platform and go to it - realize your online dreams with this free and versatile platform!

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Social Networking

If you've ever wondered what the hubbub was about social media, this book may help you learn about the basics. And, if you're already involved with Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and LinkedIn, this E-book may provide ideas about how to update your blog and how to become involved with online community development.

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jQuery to the Next Level

In this e-book Dan will show you how to take your jQuery scripts to intermediate/advanced levels by focusing on several areas of usage.

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World-Class Coding with jQuery

Become a world-class coder in days with jQuery. This compact JavaScript library will save you tons of time as it allows you to  create user interfaces, animations and add Ajax interactions. jQuery will change the way you write JavaScript.

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Learning How To Draw

When you learn how to draw, you'll see the world around you in a different perspective. Linda Goin takes you on a creative journey, where you'll discover the world on paper. Draw the human figure, motion, clothing, folds, shadings and last but not least learn all you need to know about composition.

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Flex Pirates, The Secret Of The New Gold

Arrrrr, welcome to the world of Flex matey! In this mighty shipment of articles, Sas Jacobs will introduce you to Flex and Flex Builder 2. Flex is an alternative to using Flash to create SWF files. It targets Flash Player 9 and works with ActionScript 3.0, which is a revision of the ActionScript language.

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Creative Porfolio

Creative Portfolio: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

You love to design, but your portfolio is like a caterpillar instead of a butterfly. Today it is time to stand out from the crowd by building a competitive and diverse portfolio. Linda guides you in your quest to create a visual representations that exemplifies your skills and knowledge through the use of hands-on tutorials that will shed new light on the way you design.

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The Web 2.0 Factory

This book shows you how to create Web 2.0 applications that use innovative architectures and toolkits to build very responsive applications that are focused on users. Sas Jacobs explains which languages and technologies are used to build Web 2.0 applications. She will also show you how to build Web 2.0 applications.

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Taking the Photoshop Express

Whether you have boarded the Photoshop train already or not, without guidance you’ll probably miss a lot. With this e-Book, award winning writer Linda Goin, takes you on the Photoshop train to show you how to create the best the software has to offer.

She uses hands-on tutorials that are not only informative but also incredibly fun to follow due to Linda’s unique writing style and creative examples.

Photoshop CS2: Take the Photoshop Express e-Book 

The book is divided into four major Parts. In the first part you jump aboard the Photoshop Express. This train takes you into the world of Photoshop CS2 to show you how to alter reality. After that you move on and learn more about the common Photoshop CS2 tools. In the next part the scenery around the Photoshop Express changes with the use of fantastic filters! Finally the Photoshop Express reaches his destination, time to put your theory in practice. Happy Photoshopping!

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ASP.NET Building The Base

Have you, ever wanted to unleash the power of ASP.NET but didn't know how? Or did you already start with ASP.NET but you got stuck during development? Then read on!

This e-Book will show you how to take control of one of the most powerful server languages available on the market today. Static HTML pages will become obsolete after you've learned how to create dynamic applications using ASP.NET.

ASP.NET: Building the Base e-Book

The book is devided into six major Parts, the first part gets you started with ASP.NET, the second teaches you how to use Databases, the next part is all about presenting data, then it's time to look at building an interface by using controls and menu's. Part five focusses on web services and last but not least Kevin puts the theory into practice.

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Design, Colour, Layout & Accessibility bundle

With this book series of Linda Goin you be able to design like you have never done before! Linda shows you how to use Colour, Layout, proper CSS code & Accessibility to create sites that will satisfy the most demanding user. 

This bundle contains the full version of Design for Web Developers: Colour and Layout for the Artistically Overwhelmed and Design & Accessibility

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