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How to get 3D ImageFlow to return the current image name when clicked

Asked 01 Mar 2010 22:38:37
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01 Mar 2010 22:38:37 Quentin King posted:
I have a nice 3D imageflow display at the bottom of my page I want to use this as a selection tool for my customers, so I need it to return the current front image filename when the front image is clicked.

I don;t want a popup or anything like that but I want it to be able to place the selected image into my own previously created CSS image box. I purchase your layers plugin thinking that this would do the job for me but it does not seem to.

It would be OK for 3D to call another page with the image so I could lay that out in the way that I want, but I can't seem to see how to do it can you please help.



Replied 04 Mar 2010 10:31:17
04 Mar 2010 10:31:17 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Quentin,

Are you using a dynamic 3D Image Flow or it is static one?
What exactly you wish to get from the galley when an image is clicked?

Replied 08 Mar 2010 18:54:35
08 Mar 2010 18:54:35 Quentin King replied:
I have been using a dynamic one but I think I've worked it out now, I was a little confused by the demo that was on a PC computer rather than a Mac I misinterpreted one of the menus.

Thank you for your reply.
I have not managed to sort my bug out yet but I will keep trying and ask again if I fail to get the thing working without errors.


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