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Ver 102 throwing error on install

Reported 27 Apr 2011 18:31:31
have this problem
27 Apr 2011 18:31:31 Robin Schafer posted:
Your new version for the Online Page Editor Add-on dmxPageEditor102.mxp throws and error on install saying it can only be loaded to Dreamweaver 7 or greater.
Running DW CS4 Win 7 x 64 bit.


Replied 27 Apr 2011 20:45:14
27 Apr 2011 20:45:14 George Petrov replied:
Hi Robin,

It should install just fine in CS4 on Win7. Try to download the extension again and maybe open your CS4 Extension Manager first and then select install from it.

Replied 28 Apr 2011 02:33:22
28 Apr 2011 02:33:22 Robin Schafer replied:
Finally got it to install after download and clicking the file on the desktop.

I had to remove all Page Editor code from the previous version from the website and re add.This version however seems to look for changes to synchronize the site to the server, but never finds any changes.

Nearly 2 weeks of .Net issues, file permissions and many, many hours of testing, I finally got it to work.

In my case it was necessary to add read/write permissions to each page that had an instance of the Page Editor. Perhaps that will help someone.

I also have found that I have to press the initiation key combination 2 or three times to start the application.
Replied 28 Apr 2011 10:27:34
28 Apr 2011 10:27:34 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Robin,

If you check our video tutorials on the Online Page Editor Add-on page, we've described the permissions needed for it to work properly on Linux or Windows servers with or without FTP.
Replied 29 Apr 2011 00:36:13
29 Apr 2011 00:36:13 Robin Schafer replied:
I have never been able to get the FTP to work properly.
Version 1 or 2.

Version 1, it did produce a file dmxPageEditor.aspx with the login info to be uploaded to the server.

In version 2 when I check the FTP login info checkbox and fill in the details, the do not stay in the dialogue box and the aspx file is not produced only dmxPageEditor.asp that keeps the editor login information only no FTP info.

I am concerned about launching pages with write access on the web so the FTP would be the best, but unable to get it to work anymore.
Replied 29 Apr 2011 14:43:52
29 Apr 2011 14:43:52 Stephen Cox replied:
QuoteHello Robin,

If you check our video tutorials on the Online Page Editor Add-on page, we've described the permissions needed for it to work properly on Linux or Windows servers with or without FTP.

Linux? DW runs under linux? Next time try Mac.
Replied 29 Apr 2011 22:34:59
29 Apr 2011 22:34:59 George Petrov replied:
QuoteLinux? DW runs under linux? Next time try Mac.


Teodor means of course the web server running on linux or windows not DW ... As the Online Page Editor is editing live pages on your live web server - there is where permissions need to be set if no FTP is used...

Replied 29 Apr 2011 23:09:25
29 Apr 2011 23:09:25 Robin Schafer replied:
The Non FTP function does work with proper permissions. No problem.

With FTP. I can do one update only, then additional changes throw errors that editable areas cannot be found etc. Updates do take place once you click out of the editable area. But, and here's the fun part, refresh the page and every bit of code is stripped from the page, not one line left, just a blank page.

BTW, I turned off the write permissions before doing this. Still stripped the page of all code.

2 weeks of this, I'm done, this code needs a lot more work guys, way too many bugs. I rate it a 1 or less.
Replied 30 Apr 2011 00:16:22
30 Apr 2011 00:16:22 George Petrov replied:
Hi Robin,

How are your pages called? Do you see the page name in the url? In the latest version we improved working with default pages so it should be fine. So make sure you have the latest version 1.0.2

Also are you using editable regions or div ids? I sample will help as well. If it is not public you can mail me at so I can have a look.

Replied 11 May 2011 20:23:43
11 May 2011 20:23:43 Robin Schafer replied:

Thanks for your assistance. With your help I have been able to achieve both FTP and Non FTP updates online.

Woks like a charm now.

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