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Nothing happens when typing (Control + Shift + @)

Reported 06 Jul 2013 04:06:45
has this problem
06 Jul 2013 04:06:45 Marvin Soto posted:
Hi, something strange happens with (online Page Editor). Everything worked fine, but now suddenly I can no longer access my site to edit it.
Pressing the key combination (Ctrl + Shift + @). Nothing happens. I made a test page to see what happened, but neither works. Update extensions, but nothing happens. I can not edit my site?.
Any suggestions? 've done everything and I can not find the problem.
Thanks in advance for your help.
I work with CS6.

test site:
Username: edit password: edit


Replied 08 Jul 2013 06:52:53
08 Jul 2013 06:52:53 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Marvin, all works correctly here, can you tell me which browser you are working and is this issue a browser dependant.

Replied 08 Jul 2013 15:34:52
08 Jul 2013 15:34:52 Marvin Soto replied:
Hello, now my site is working, but not correctly. I had to make changes, but I am not satisfied with the solution I found.
Spend the whole weekend working on it, trying to solve the problem.
I found that apparently there is a conflict with the file (jquery-latest.pack) /*! jQuery v1.7.2 | */.
The extension, (dmxTooltips-1.0.10) apparently installs a version of the file (jquery-latest.pack) suffers Mas (jQuery v1.10.1). By using the extension, (dmxTooltips-1.0.10), this replaces the file (jquery-latest.pack), and this causes can not edit my site, with (Online page Editor).
For now the solution was manually replace the file (jQuery v1.10.1).
By (jQuery v1.7.2). This I have to do it every time I make any changes to my website. Already relocate Dreamweaver version (v1.10.1 jQuery.) I do not know how to prevent this from happening.
Thank you for your help.

Uninstall the extension (dmxTooltips-1.0.10). Remove any visible trace of the folders, ScriptLibrary and Styles, but Dreamweaver is replacing the file mentioned above.
Replied 08 Jul 2013 15:50:02
08 Jul 2013 15:50:02 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Marvin,
Last week we released an update for the HTML Editor and Online Page Editor add-on, as well as the rest of the Editor Addons, that includes the latest version of jquery (1.0.10).
Please make sure to download and install these updates.
Replied 08 Jul 2013 16:37:10
08 Jul 2013 16:37:10 Marvin Soto replied:
Hi Teodor,
Update extensions, however problem persists.
Replied 08 Jul 2013 16:42:25
08 Jul 2013 16:42:25 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Make sure to upload the newly generated files in the scriptlibrary folder to your server.

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