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Only showing 10 records

Reported 29 Jun 2011 20:52:08
has this problem
29 Jun 2011 20:52:08 Chris Couture posted:
When I view the recordset, there is lots of records but when I view the page with the map, there only seems to be 10 on the map. Can the plugin support more than 10 at a time?


Replied 01 Jul 2011 10:45:54
01 Jul 2011 10:45:54 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Chris,

Please check this article:
Replied 16 Jul 2011 15:11:41
16 Jul 2011 15:11:41 Juha MM replied:

I've a same problem, however I do not have longitudes and latitudes in the database. Is there any other way to go around this problem?

Replied 18 Jul 2011 09:05:02
18 Jul 2011 09:05:02 Miroslav Zografski replied:

That is a limitation set by the service provider - Google - and we have researched a way to go around it. There is not such but using the lat/lng pairs for now.

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