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Google maps is throwing the following error on multiple markers

Asked 12 Jul 2012 00:19:52
have this question
12 Jul 2012 00:19:52 Robin Schafer posted:
Google maps is throwing the following error

Error too many goecoded addresses! Switching to 1 marker s/mode.

The page with the error is here on the Beta version of the site. This sample is using the latest version of Google Maps.

The live page using and older version of Google maps has even more markers and does not throw an error. That version can be seen here:

Can you ID why I am getting this error? I have even changed the number so they are the same in each and I still get the error.



Replied 12 Jul 2012 06:19:36
12 Jul 2012 06:19:36 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Robin.

Can you please give me your e-mail?
I will send you a fix for that issue.

Regards: Vulcho.
Replied 13 Jul 2012 06:27:19
13 Jul 2012 06:27:19 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Robin.

The fix has been sent to your e-mail adress.

Replied 03 Dec 2012 00:35:16
03 Dec 2012 00:35:16 Linda Purcell replied:
I have the same problem, with only 5 dynamic records.

Any chance of posting the answer here or emailing me direct?


Replied 03 Dec 2012 07:06:23
03 Dec 2012 07:06:23 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Linda.

Can you please download the latest version of the extension and reapply it to your site?

Replied 13 May 2014 12:06:57
13 May 2014 12:06:57 Andre Bender replied:
Got the same error:

Error: too many geocoded addresses! Switching to 1 marker/s mode.

When applying addresses from a database.
Replied 14 May 2014 08:15:27
14 May 2014 08:15:27 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Andre,
Google Geolocation service has a limit for using more than 10 locations defined as addresses. For using more than 10 markers on the map you should store them with their geolocations (lat/lon) .
Please check this article:
Replied 14 May 2014 08:18:58
14 May 2014 08:18:58 Andre Bender replied:
Hi Teodor
Means with geolocation (lat/lon) data I won't have this problem?
Replied 14 May 2014 08:21:37
14 May 2014 08:21:37 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Yes, that is right.
Replied 14 May 2014 08:26:17
14 May 2014 08:26:17 Andre Bender replied:
Thanks Teodor

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