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Asked 13 Dec 2011 19:43:39
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13 Dec 2011 19:43:39 Foster Brovan posted:
Hi will Facebook Fan Page work with a Business Facebook Account. It is differant then a personal Account witch has frinds.


Replied 13 Dec 2011 20:25:44
13 Dec 2011 20:25:44 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

There won't be any problem for the Facebook Fan Page to work with a Business Facebook Account.
Replied 11 Jan 2012 22:35:27
11 Jan 2012 22:35:27 Foster Brovan replied:
I have made a Business Account page and it will not let me make a app

I can make a app in my personal Facebook account.
Or do you make the Business page from the personal account?

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Replied 12 Jan 2012 11:07:00
12 Jan 2012 11:07:00 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Foster Brovan.

QuoteCreating a fan page is a straightforward process -- though, in typical Facebook fashion, the road to success is barred by poor documentation and hoops rimmed with fire. Okay, maybe you don't quite need to jump through rings of fire -- but you do need to have the following things before you begin:

1.) A Personal Facebook Account

"Why does Facebook require I set-up my business account through my PERSONAL account!" --this is one of the big complaints I get from clients and workshop attendees -- and believe me, I understand the frustration. Still, this is the way it is and has always been with Facebook.

Think of your personal credentials as your "badge" that you swipe every time you enter through the virtual gates of Facebook. Facebook's Terms of Service require that you use your real name & info -- and your use of the features of the site (Fan Pages included,) are dependent on your agreeing to abide by Facebook's rules & regs. Everything you create (photos, groups, Fan Pages,) are done by YOU, the real person. Now, that does not mean that users of a business fan page will be able to access your personal info, be your friend, or even know it was you that created the page.

To sum it up -- like it or not, you will need to have a personal profile in order to create a fan page for your business. We've heard of people creating "fake" profiles in order to set up biz pages -- but not only is this a violation of the TOS, but, it also robs you of the ability to quickly navigate between your personal profile & the administration of your fan page.

2.) The Link to Create The Page!

Why would Facebook make this one so darn difficult? True, if you log off of Facebook, you'll see the option to create a Fan Page for your business on the main login page-- but assuming you're already logged in, you will struggle to find the option.

The first trick is to go to any page that you are already a fan ("liker" of and scroll down towards the bottom of the page while keeping an eye on the left column. By doing this you may eventually see a link to "Create a Page"

Since that is something less of intuitive -- we'll share this super-secret link with you here: www.facebook.com/pages/create.php should take you to the create a page, page.

3.) A Good Name

Hint: it is extremely difficult (bordering on impossible,) to change your page's name once you've made the decision. Other things can be changed fairly easily -- but the name is here to stay.

For some businesses, this will be a breeze (the name of your business for instance,) but others will find this more difficult. Take a second to think about your name, make sure you're spelling it correctly (seriously, this happens,) and ensure you don't need to double-check with any decision-makers prior to making the leap.

Think of this like naming your first-born. Once it's on that birth certificate -- you're stuck. A boy named "Sue" is a boy named Sue.

4.) Branding & Other Info

The rest of the "customization" of your Facebook Fan Page is fairly straightforward. While there are options for further customization (custom tabs,) Facebook keeps a fairly standard look throughout the site & its many pages. Options you have for customization include: a profile image, info about your business, and the option to direct first-time visitors to a unique page.

Profile picture will appear on the page (on the right column,) and also as a thumbnail for all posts you make. In considering your business page profile picture -- I would encourage you to consider your overall branding efforts. If you have a logo -- use it! You may have to modify it for FB purposes (to ensure it isn't cut-off in the thumbnail,) but you want to maintain consistent branding throughout your social media efforts. Also, once you've selected a profile/thumbnail image -- don't change it (or at least, change it VERY rarely!) Your logo will become visually associated with the content you're sharing in the newsfeed.

Your information is fairly straightforward. Be sure to include a web address when & where you can. Don't worry too much about things like "hours" and "parking" -- even though Facebook may suggest you fill this info out (what fields you get depends upon which category you selected when you named your page.) At the end of the day -- key information is WHAT you do, and (if applicable) WHERE you do it. Facebook doesn't give you much room to wax poetic.

In the "Permissions" section of your page editing options -- you can select what Facebook calls a "default tab." This is where your first-time visitors will be directed (all fans will be directed to the "wall" view of your page.) You can select: wall, info, photos, videos... and as you add different "apps" to your page -- you can add these too. This is how some pages achieve a more "customized" look. A customized welcome tab can truly help set you apart -- but you may want to focus on building an audience before you worry too much about more time-intensive design options (though you can pay a company to create a custom tab for you -- including us.)

5.) Fans... er, um... People who "Like" Your Business

Fan pages now have "likers" instead of fans. This is an awkward phrase, so forgive us for reverting back to "fans" for the purposes of this bullet point.

Once your business page is set-up -- you will need to have fans in order to have any impact at all.

We could go on & on about word-of-mouth marketing & the power of social media -- but for right now we'll just say that fans are what makes your Facebook efforts worthwhile.

Replied 12 Jan 2012 18:31:55
12 Jan 2012 18:31:55 Foster Brovan replied:
GREAT Article.
This sums up what I have been doing research for the last week and more information.
Why cant Facebook have somthing like this.

Thank you I think this will help a lot of people.
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