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Recommended reading reference source?

Asked 06 Jul 2017 15:03:33
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06 Jul 2017 15:03:33 Lee Woolsey posted:
Is there any single source or recommended reference material for using App Connect?

I've viewed nearly every video and read every manual posted for the App Connect products, but still find I can't get the results I am after. I am certain it is possible with these tools, but I don't understand when or what conditions I need to get the syntax right. Is there any published material that can help? Is there a programmers guide that uses similar structure that I can purchase/view that will help me understand the proper flow of these products?



Replied 06 Jul 2017 17:24:22
06 Jul 2017 17:24:22 George Petrov replied:
Hi Lee,

The first source to check is the App Connect Manual:

Also check the App Connect new landing page at:

We are also thinking of starting a gitbook:
so that more people can participate to this great new framework

Is there anything in specific you are missing? Or have better ideas of how to organize?

Replied 06 Jul 2017 18:02:51
06 Jul 2017 18:02:51 Lee Woolsey replied:
I've ready those content of the app connect manual, there is a lot of stuff that just isn't mentioned or shown. The videos and tutorials are okay, but I find often have more questions after watching them (because most are dated and show methods that are no longer accurate or supported.)

I would like more examples of specific uses (showing the generated code, so I can see if mine matches!). Things like grouping data, I find to be extremely difficult using this framework, because no-where in the tutorials does it show that you have to use array references to display the totals ($value[0].something), if I could see examples of generated code, then I might be able to figure it out.

Example: I can see a "Set Value" feature on the Server Connect query options, but I can't find how to use (retrieve) that value to display dynamic content on my pages. I have many similar questions, but don't even know where to begin looking for answers.

I also find that product-specific support is VERY difficult to navigate to. A master page with product specific sub-headings would be great. (Not all product pages show a support link.)

I like the idea of a GITBOOK, hopefully crowd-sourcing answers would be helpful.

Thank you.

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