Phireworx Language Dependent Redirector

Redirects the user based upon the language that is detected for their current browser settings.


The Phireworx Lanaguage Dependent Redirector Server Behaviour will redirect the user depending on their local language settings. You can select the Locale Identifier to check for and Success and Failure pages.

This Server Behavior is VBScript only.


Type: Server Behavior
Product: UltraDev 4
Server Model: ASP VBScript

Steven Grosvenor

Steven's job title changes more often than his socks, but we're sure he does something important for a Managed Internet Security company in Manchester. A PHd in Microbiology has served Steven well in the web industry, bearing no releavance at all, but this hasn't stopped him progressing so deep into code that nobody else understands. When not worked to death, his wife and young children ensure he can relax at home.


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July 2, 2001 by Waldo Smeets

Hi Steven, nice Server Behavior. And then I am also speaking about the interface and the style of your site. Looks very good.
Do you also have plans to make this Server Behavior ASP/JavaScript compatible?


July 6, 2001 by Steven Grosvenor



Yes, Cross Hosting Platform version coming soon, when I sort the mask and patterns out :-)



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