Jolantha Belik

Jolantha "jbel" Belik first got in touch with the Internet when "gopher" was the measure of all things. Her SPSS, SAS, and Visual Basic background made her open and curious for new "adventures."

When she got her own webspace, a friend wanted to create her first website. Well, he did so but Jolantha was so upset about the horrible design that she decided to learn HTML herself. She got her first copy of Dreamweaver and redesigned her website the way she wanted. Soon friends asked her to design their sites too (for free of course).

Two years ago Jolantha made the decision to actually earn cash with designing websites. The result was jbel's design, a small firm concentrating on small- and medium-sized businesses—with a focus on working outside her neighborhood. Some of her clients live in Adelaide, Australia, and in Essen, Germany.

Jolantha, a sociologist by training, lives with her daughter Conny (a student of psychology), her white cat Cassy, a black male pygmy rabbit Zwetschgerl, and two guinea pigs in a lovely green district of Vienna, Austria. She loves gardening on her small balcony, reading historical dramas, and watching her favorite TV show, Stargate-SG1.

Jolantha wrote articles for Macromedia DevNet book Macromedia Contribute (in German) ISBN: 3772360793 and Dreamweaver MX 2004 - Das Praxisbuch (in German) ISBN:377236568X

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