PayPal launches new micropayments service
September 7, 2005 by Frank Beverdam Source article

PayPal, the global online payment service, today announced new micropayments processing fees for digital goods. 



Aimed at "low-cost digital content," PayPal's service will offer consumers an easy way to pay for things like ringtones, music, games, and even articles on a one-off basis. Want to read an interesting article on ESPN's Insider service? Instead of signing up for a yearly subscription, you could make a micropayment of a few cents for one-time access to the content. It's impulse shopping on the Internet, like standing in line at the supermarket and deciding to throw that Snickers bar into your shopping cart.

The new pricing will provide merchants with a more affordable way to process payments for low-cost digital content such as video games, online greeting cards, news articles, mobile phone content and digital music. PayPal's micropayments pricing is designed to give customers the convenience of a-la-carte purchases, such as 99-cent downloadable ringtones, without having to sign up for annual subscriptions or pre-funded payment accounts.


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