Free! Mini review - Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS

From the back cover

As the Web has evolved, tools and methods for creating Web pages have also changed and matured. This book teaches you to create Web sites using a combination of new and mature technologies and shows you the best practices that have emerged for using these technologies.

In these pages you will learn to build Web sites with traditional HTML and its successor XHTML. You will see how CSS can be used to make your Web pages more attractive by controlling the presentation and formatting of pages, and how to use JavaScript to enhance the power of your pages. Along the way you will learn how to make your pages work in several generations of Web browsers, including new Web-enabled devices such as mobile phones. You'll also learn techniques that make your site more usable and accessible.


What you will learn form this book

The book takes you on a learning journey from basic HTML to XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Furthermore it instructs you in the basics of how to setup the layout of your page. The book covers a lot of topics, giving you all the basics you'll need for setting up your (first) website.

Here is a list on what you'll learn from the back cover;

  • How to create Web sites using established standards
  • The differences between HTML and its successor XHTML
  • How to include images and links in your pages
  • Methods of collecting information from your visitors to your site using forms
  • Ways to control the appearance of your pages (such as font, colors and backgrounds) using CSS
  • How to use tables, frames, and CSS to control page layout.
  • Design issues such as creating simple navigation and usable forms
  • How to deliver Web pages to a wide range of devices
  • The basics of using JavaScript in your pages

Who this book is for

This book is for starting developers who are looking for a reference that explains how to create your first webpage using HTML, XHTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript. Previous programming experience is not necessary.


The book does what it says, although it is not a "book for Dummies" it is suited for beginners as it teaches you all the basics you'll need to create your webpage. However it is lacking some depth for intermediate developers that for instance want to create their complete site in CSS or go a little bit further then using basic JavaScript or XHTML. The book could be a little more compact by leaving out references on what you'll learn in future chapters. Because of it's cheer size it's not suited if you want to learn web designing as fast as possible. Its layout is a bit dull as well. But on the positive side it is a great reference that covers a lot of ground. So all in all it's a good book for anyone that starts out as a web developer who is looking for a reference.



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