Dynamic Flash Gallery bundle ASP.NET

Get all the extensions you need for a Dynamic Flash Gallery in one bundle and save money! Flash Album Generator and Dynamic Flash Gallery ASP.NET form an amazing Dynamic Album Team. This bundle enables you to create online photo albums and lets your customers manage their photo albums online! Upload and delete files, automatically resize images, create thumbnails and much more! 



Flash Album Generator 2

A nifty flash gallery for all your photos

Ever wanted to have a nifty flash gallery for all your photos? This extension will resize your photos with Fireworks, create thumbnails and put them in an amazing Flash Album. The album is generated from Dreamweaver within a few clicks! All your photos will be displayed online instantly in a cool Flash Photo Viewer. The album is fully customizable to your site design.

The extension has been discontinued.

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Dynamic Flash Gallery ASP.NET

So you have delivered your perfect site to the customer with an amazing Flash Album and your customer loves it. Suddenly he wants to add or delete photo's from the gallery, so what do you do? You add the Dynamic Flash Gallery to the site and give the customer full control to his photos!

Manage your Flash Album Generator galleries online with Dynamic Flash Gallery! Turn your gallery in edit mode and you can add, replace or delete your photos and edit  titles!

You edit what you see in the same Flash Gallery Viewer! No separate difficult admin pages for your users - just direct visual edit! Each gallery is password protected to provide an adequate security.

The .Net version of Dynamic Flash Gallery doesn't need any additional extensions to upload and resize images, as these functions are build in! You only need Flash Album Generator 2 and the Dynamic Flash Gallery extension to create your dynamic Gallery.

Note: This ASP.NET version is *Universal* this means you can use it on any page, no matter if the page is static html file, asp, php, asp.net or whatever - as long as you server can run ASP.NET. No ASP.NET knowledge is required!

Are you running ASP or PHP on your server? Don't worry we have the Dynamic Flash Gallery also for ASP and PHP

The extension has been discontinued. 

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Type: Suite
Product: Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8
Server Model: ASP.NET C#, ASP.NET VB

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