Great potential poor execution

August 8, 2006 by kirk strandberg
This magazine has great potential but poor execution. The files included are minimal. Example of this is the database flash section: There are no files such as the database or or tables so you have to type everything in. As you can not copy the text from the magazine. It is not print friendly so that sucks too. Does it improve in the next versions? Well somewhat but still not good enough. You have the great content so don't spoil it by just concentrating on the design. Kirk

RE: Great potential poor execution

August 8, 2006 by Frank Beverdam

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for the feedback, we'll try to include more source files in the future. I would like to remind you that MySQL database is not a mobile entity.

You can copy the text from the e-Magazine, by using the select tool (go out of full screen first, it's on your top right).

Can you e-mail me the printing problems you are experiencing? We didn't experience troubles when testing it for printing, nor have we received other complaints.

We're currently working on a new layout and production process so I'll use these comments during the implementation. We're also releasing a survey soon for readers of the e-Magazine to improve it further.

Thanks again for the feedback!

RE: Great potential poor execution

August 11, 2006 by Frank Beverdam

We've uploaded the source files of the requested article, please download the e-Magazine again, as the resources are located in the zip file.

When printing the e-Magazine select fit to printer margins in the Page Handling area.

Thank you for your patience.

Great Response and Backup

August 27, 2006 by kirk strandberg
Further to my other posts i can say that I am impressed by the response. The files supplied with the downloaded magazine are more comprehensive and easier to get going with. By adjusting the print out size of the pdf you now get all the information. I love the idea of being able to use Dreamweaver and Flash together afterall they are two products by the same company and yet their compatability of outputing the database information created by dreamweaver (which is easy to create in dreamweaver) is a nightmare to display or show in Flash even though we are several generations down the line. This series of tutorials is refreshing in trying to bridge this gap between Dreamweaver and Flash. So keep up the brilliant work. Cheers, Kirk
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