June 2006 Issue

In this edition we show you the most important steps in creating a site with stylish content that is connected to a database.

We’ll start out by exploring the changes in Dreamweaver 8 that have to do with site maintenance or administration. That way you can have a good clean start for your site.

Anyone who designs websites for a living, or who has built their own website, has faced the need to design and build a banner for the Homepage. That’s why David Nicholls shows you how to design and construct such a banner. The article uses a real-world client project as the basis for the design.

As a web designer you often have to use photos on your website that haven’t been made by a professional photographer. We'll show you how to improve such a photo with Firework’s various image filters and effects.

Furthermore we'll show you how easy it is to develop Flash / Database interactivity using the visual tools of our favorite web editor. Using Dreamweaver, we’ll make Flash “talk” to a database in order to create, view, update and delete records.

The last article takes a look at two powerful concepts in ASP.NET, first we connect to an SQL server database and then we use the data within that database to populate a DataGrid component to display a dynamic table on an ASPX Web Form.

Contents of the June Issue

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Great Magazine but unable to copy sections
January 4, 2007 by Steve Nelsen
I like the content of the magazine. However I'm unable to copy any content. The Adobe security settings don't permit copying. I hope this will change in the near future.
Great Response and Backup
August 27, 2006 by kirk strandberg
Further to my other posts i can say that I am impressed by the response. The files supplied with the downloaded magazine are more comprehensive and easier to get going with. By adjusting the print out size of the pdf you now get all the information. I love the idea of being able to use Dreamweaver and Flash together afterall they are two products by the same company and yet their compatability of outputing the database information created by dreamweaver (which is easy to create in dreamweaver) is a nightmare to display or show in Flash even though we are several generations down the line. This series of tutorials is refreshing in trying to bridge this gap between Dreamweaver and Flash. So keep up the brilliant work. Cheers, Kirk
RE: Great potential poor execution
August 11, 2006 by Frank Beverdam

We've uploaded the source files of the requested article, please download the e-Magazine again, as the resources are located in the zip file.

When printing the e-Magazine select fit to printer margins in the Page Handling area.

Thank you for your patience.

RE: Great potential poor execution
August 8, 2006 by Frank Beverdam

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for the feedback, we'll try to include more source files in the future. I would like to remind you that MySQL database is not a mobile entity.

You can copy the text from the e-Magazine, by using the select tool (go out of full screen first, it's on your top right).

Can you e-mail me the printing problems you are experiencing? We didn't experience troubles when testing it for printing, nor have we received other complaints.

We're currently working on a new layout and production process so I'll use these comments during the implementation. We're also releasing a survey soon for readers of the e-Magazine to improve it further.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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