PHAkT v1.0: org/gjt/mysql/Driver - Class Not Found
July 18, 2001 by Tim Green

With PHAkT v1.0 some users are getting the following error when trying to create database connections :-

org/gjt/mysql/Driver - Class Not Found 

This is happening because of the new JDBC connection type that PHAkT can utilize. In the Readme.txt within the original PHAkT archive it states that JDBC connections can be used, but a specific JDBC driver needs to be installed.

To resolve this problem download the MySQL JDBC Driver installer here. Install the extension using the UltraDev Extension Manager and then restart UltraDev, and the error should be resolved.

Tim Green

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RE: RE: the odbc is solved - almost
November 21, 2002 by Tim Green
You don't need to use JDBC to connect to MySQL in Dreamweaver MX! As long as you set up your PHP site configuration correctly then DMX will handle the rest!
RE: does not work on MX at least
November 21, 2002 by Tim Green
Did you not read that this is for PHAkT v1???? Of course it won't work on MX, as it isn't intended for MX!
does not work on MX at least
November 20, 2002 by Greg Grooms
did not work for me
RE: the odbc is solved - almost
June 5, 2002 by Leonard Liang

 Does anyone know how to use JDBC to connect MySQL in Dreamweaver MX?

i also have this problem, and installed the driver still not work:(

thank you

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