Thank you

July 24, 2001 by Henrique Bittencourt

Tim Green,

Fantastic... From now to ever, I'll call you Tylenol: you have solved my headache... ;))))



the odbc is solved - almost

December 27, 2001 by patrik isacsson

I got the odbc thingy to work with your solution  BUT - my DEFINE connection dosent SHOW the connection i just was able to make.


Is there any common solution to this ?

RE: the odbc is solved - almost

June 5, 2002 by Leonard Liang

 Does anyone know how to use JDBC to connect MySQL in Dreamweaver MX?

i also have this problem, and installed the driver still not work:(

thank you

does not work on MX at least

November 20, 2002 by Greg Grooms
did not work for me
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