Design & Accessibility

Become a truly professional developer or designer.

Have you, as a web developer or designer ever been on sites where the site seems more of a puzzle then a tool to find the information you where looking for? Or are you looking to improve your web design skills? Then read on!

Design & Accessibility

This e-Book will teach you how to become a truly professional developer or designer. By taking usability and accessibility issues in account when designing your websites or applications you can make the difference and avoid a lot of (user) frustration.

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What this book does, and who it's for.

This book is for anyone with an interest in usability and accessibility. Linda Goin uses very clear examples to teach you how to create and optimise your sites.

About The Author

Linda Goin carries a B.F.A. in visual communications with a minor in business and marketing, and an M.A. in American History with a minor in the Reformation. While the latter degree doesn’t seem to fit with the first two educational experiences, Linda uses her 25-year design expertise on site at archeaological digs and in the study of material culture. Accolades for her work include fifteen first-place Colorado Press Association awards, numerous fine art and graphic design awards, and interviews about content development with The Wall St. Journal, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, and L.A. Times. Linda is the author of Design for Web Developers: Colour and Layout for the Artistically Overwhelmed for DMXZone, and she writes on Web Design.



Content Style and Structure

  • Accessibility Apathy: Are you guilty?
  • Content, Structure, Presentation and Low-Vision Readers
  • Structure, Presentation, and Accessibility
  • Tables to CSS and CSS Modifications: Design for Accessibility
  • Navigation, Usability, and Accessibility
  • Navigation and Accessibility Tools

Let's Start Coding

  • Usability and Accessibility in Action and Example
  • Accessible Form Problems and Solutions
  • Accessible Form Problems and Solutions II


  • Accessible Form Problems and Solutions
  • Accessible Form Problems and Solutions II

Theory and Practice

  • W3C, Section 508, & PAS 78: Web Legalities and Standards
  • Website Accessibility Policies
  • Usability: Navigation & Info Stress
  • Usability: Navigation & Info Stress II
  • Content, Usability, and Angry Clients
  • Multimedia: More Usable than Ever


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