Softery IE Flash Problem Solver

This extention is designed to avoid problems with Flash content on your web site. As you know Microsoft has released updates to Internet Explorer that will change how it handles active content such as that viewed in Adobe’s Macromedia Flash Player. Flash content that is embedded in HTML pages in certain ways will not be able to receive user input (for example, keyboard or mouse events) until the user clicks to either activate or continue loading the control.


UI Access

This Extension is accessed by choosing Commands => Softery IE Flash Problem Solver.


Type: Utility
Product: Dreamweaver 7, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver 6,7,8
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7
Browser: All


IE 7.0 made swiping menus disappear

November 17, 2006 by Marvin Mr. Wright


I have a BIG problem I hope you can help with. I built a website using Swiping Menu Builder 1.9.2 and now people are upgrading to Internet Explorier 7.0 - the new upgrade made my menus disappear. I downloaded and installed it (I use Dreamweaver 8) and found it under "Commands" however it still did not fix my menus. What am I doing wrong?


screws up text

November 21, 2006 by Droko Anyone
Verry nice extension, just beware that you dont use it on a whole site. The script cant manage weird simbols like é ä etc. It will screw up your text, so just use is on the frames with the flash embedded.

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