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Current version is : 2.0.0

This extension is a floaters that can scan HTML files to find any FORM, and INPUT (input,select,...).

It constructs a tree of documents form tags, then lets you print these values in PHP or Text, on the page, or in PHP language. The output is very useful in CodeView to design queries by printing a list of values comma separated, or enclosed in "'s.

It allows you to define you own layout.


This extension has two key features:

1: Document non-dependant

It can be used with other files than the current one, so if you want to design an action page you can scan the form pages. You can scan as many files as you want.

2: Special Design

You can construct very complex strings that enclose every field or just the ones you want. So even if it is a PHP oriented extension, it can also do ASP and JSP, with the special design feature.

UPDATED : The special design feature has now been replaced by a totally new design layout engine.

Screenshot :

ChangeLog since version 1.5.0

- Redesigned Tree manipulation function. Selecting items is now much faster. Even with lots of document scanned.

- The new output engine and translation now allows for very complex layout.

- Brand new management of your own layout. Loop and separator are included. You can now create all kind of output in ASP, JSP, ePerl, Cold Fusion and PHP

- Special output like the three MySQL query, and Advanced Authentication have been removed due to incompatibility with the new output engine. They'll be soon re-inserted.

- New inserting method to allows better manipulation when hand-coding in source view and code view. Works now with very small sentence of code.

ChangeLog since version 1.1.0

Added three new output models :

- PHP Advanced Authentication

- MySQL update Query

- MySQL Delete Query

- The MySQL insert has been reworked

ChangeLog since version 1.0.2

- The extension now warns you if you select fields that aren't located in the same form/document

- Better insertion method. Allows you to replace current selection or not.

- It has now a button to Expand/Collapse the Tree

- The extension can now construct a full MySQL INSERT Query !!!. This model is directly inserted into the layout output options. This is due to a major change in the rendering engine. I'll release much more complex model very soon. (Like UPDATE and DELETE query)


This Picture shows the different models you can use. The following picture shows the result of a MySQL Insert Query :  

ChangeLog since version 1.0.1

- If you scan the same files more than once, it is now updated in the tree.

- The extension takes the input groups correct. Checkboxes and radio buttons are taken as one value. The extension marks the difference between different forms.

Known Bugs:

None at the moment


- Add a Translator


- This extension does not currently contain a Translator.

Type: Floater
Product: Dreamweaver 3

Bruno Mairlot

Bruno MairlotBruno Mairlot works as full time employee in Security and High Availability company based in Luxembourg. He specialises in developing implementation of network and internet protocols with PHP and MySQL.
He began his working life as founder of a company for website development and network services four years ago, then moved on to work with other companies, but always working mainly as a website developer and security consultant for the web.

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Great Work
September 4, 2001 by Tim Green

The ability to create your own layouts, is extremely easy to use, and is something that I'm sure many other developers will find of great use.

This ability alone gets my thumbs up, but put it against the rest of the extension, and we are looking at something really powerful here, that will work regardless of server model.

Great work Bruno !