Zencil.com Content Management and e-Revenue Systems Support

Zencil SDK allows web designers to create powerful CONTENT MANAGEMENT & e-REVENUE systems in just a few clicks with no programming required.

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UI Access

Access the Zencil object suit by selecting the 'Zencil' insert bar.


Type: Object
Product: Dreamweaver 4, Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver 4.01, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 7, Dreamweaver 5, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver 6,7,8
Browser: All

Tarek Adam

Tarek AdamWith a background in business and computing, Tarek is the rarest of things: a techie who speaks plain English.

Tarek is a sophisticated software architect and successfully pioneers IT applications that define new industry standards. Tarek has a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Victoria and has received numerous accolades for his success as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Clear Site Web Solutions Corporation and has skillfully built and directed the company to become a leader in innovative IT solutions and a great place to come to work!

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