Smart Image 2 & Upload 3 Add-On Collection

Do you want to allow users to upload, resize, enhance and manipulate your images to your server at maximum speed? This collection includes the latest upload and resize extensions. It allows images to be uploaded and automatically edited using a simple form.

A bundle of high quality extensions to be used together with Pure ASP Upload 3
Fastest and most advanced upload solution ever!
DMXzone's most powerful Image Resize, Enhancement and Manipulation extension
Type: Suite
Product: Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CS6, Dreamweaver CC+
Server Model: ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, ASP JScript

George Petrov

George PetrovGeorge Petrov is a renowned software writer and developer whose extensive skills brought numerous extensions, articles and knowledge to the DMXzone- the online community for professional Adobe Dreamweaver users. His expertise in countless languages and technologies gives inspiration and teach valuable lessons on his website – which is most popular for its over high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates.

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RE: Too few templates and / or documentation
March 30, 2007 by Frank Beverdam

Hi Runar,

Thank you for your feedback, we'd like to help you out with any issues you might have. Would you be so kind to e-mail me at and explain to me what problems you are experiencing? Thanks in advance!


Frank Beverdam
Project Manager

Too few templates and / or documentation
March 29, 2007 by Runar Bolstad
I like extensions from DMXzone, and I spent a great deal of money here. But I must edmitt that I think tha templates, documentation and support issuehandling has a potential to be better.

I bought this extension end I got sick before I could use it, and now (four month later) I hoped I could find some new information of how to do things.

When that cat is loose I must say that most of the extensions is great even if I have this critic.

Have a nice easter everyone! And dont be affraid of bying this extension. It's great as sone as you find out how to work around.

Best regards from Norway