I have the same problem, have upper case pages

January 10, 2008 by William Oliver
I also have Dreamweaver CS3, and was excited to see this solution, to not find the GoogleSiteMap.htm in my Commands Folder.  This is absolutely the best sitemap generator with Dreamweaver, but what is the reason for the toLowerCase script.  My older pages rank, so will not be changing them.  Thanks for helping me out on this one.  I would love to use the Sitemap Generator but can not with this problem.  Thanks!  Bill

Uppercase to Lowercase conversion

November 18, 2008 by Len Holmquist

I cannot implement Georgi's fix for the Sitemap Generator changing uppercase characters to lowercase characters because the file that Georgi says to edit, GoogleSitemap.htm, does not exist on my hard disk. The only file available is GoogleSitemap102.mxp. 

Lennart Holmquist 

RE: I have the same problem, have upper case pages

November 18, 2008 by Georgi Kralev

Hi all,

Note that Dreamweaver CS3 have different installation path from Dreamweaver 8. For more information check the following link: http://www.dmxzone.com/ShowDetail.asp?NewsId=14638

Also, have in mind that this solution may not work for the last update of the extension.

For more information about the extension please contact DMXzone.com support team.

Best regards,

Georgi Kralev