Kaosweaver Advanced Random Images

Displays a random image upon rendering the page or a refresh.  Allows for the image properties to be set and allows for the image to be a link.


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Type: Command
Product: Dreamweaver 3



November 12, 2002 by Steven Begley

Very good extension.

exactly what i was looking for. Would be good to somehow link to a database to receord clicks and tracking (ie make a simple banner ad servering extension)



June 4, 2003 by craig davis
I've tried a half dozen scripts - none of which did what I wanted - this one did it perfectly. Thanks. -Craig

Little bug

August 8, 2003 by paolo titolo

good but when i use it, under the image it  leaves me some space (5px9..

How can I do?


Kaosweaver Advanced Random Images

March 25, 2004 by sarosh jacob
What a cool little feature! This saved me a ton of time THANK YOU
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