Flex Pirates, The Secret Of The New Gold

Learn everything about Flex 2.0, Flex Builder 2 and ActionScript 3.0

Arrrrr, welcome to the world of Flex matey! In this mighty shipment of articles, Sas Jacobs will introduce you to Flex and Flex Builder 2. Flex is an alternative to using Flash to create SWF files. It targets Flash Player 9 and works with ActionScript 3.0, which is a revision of the ActionScript language.

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What this e-Book does and who it's for

This e-book is best suited for beginning or intermediate developers that want to learn more about Flex 2.0, Flex Builder 2 and ActionScript 3.0.

About the author

Sas Jacobs is the Principal of Anything Is Possible, an Australian web development business specialising in web applications development and training. She is interested in using Flash with dynamic content and she has presented at a number of International conferences on topics relating to applications development, XML and scripting components. Sas wrote several books including the highly succesful Out of my mind: Flash 8 Power e-Book at DMXzone.com



Getting to know Flex 2

  • Introduction to Flex Builder 2
  • Getting started with Flex applications
  • Creating a simple Flex application
  • Using effects in Flex

Creating Components and Applications

  • Styling components
  • Creating a Flex image gallery, part 1
  • Creating a Flex image gallery, part 2
  • Consuming an RSS feed with Flex

Stepping It Up

  • Loading external data in Flex
  • Charting with Flex, part 1
  • Charting with Flex, part 2

Flex and ActionScript

  • Flex and ActionScript 3
  • Flex and ActionScript classes
  • Creating Flex components
  • Flex and browser communication

Real World Cases

  • Flex case study, part 1
  • Flex case study, part 2
  • Flex case study, part 3

Wrap Up

  • Debugging applications in Flex
  • Flex best practices and tips


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