Software development trends in 2008
January 2, 2008 by Kiril Iliev Source article
Five leaders in software development shared their thoughts on what will be major trends in 2008.


According to John Overbaugh, Karl Wiegers, Bas de Baar, Scott Barber and Scott Amblert two methods are becoming more popular. Outsourcing will continue to affect more people in the IT sphere who will need to learn how to face the challenges of distribution. On the other hand, agile development will increase in popularity.

Three of the five industry experts who offered predictions said outsourcing will continue to have a huge impact on how business is done.

Scott Ambler, Practice Leader Agile Development at IBM, have mentioned that in 2008 more organizations would get serious about adopting agile software development. This agile takeover will be achieved as organizations scale Agile to other methodologies.

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