February 2008 Issue
The February e-Magazine is all about user interaction and design and presentation. Learn how to create a search engine friendly Navigation menu, build the cornerstones of your portfolio and master Photoshop.

Contents of the February Issue 

This month's edition is all about user interaction, design and presentation.

Dan starts out with a search Engine Friendly Navigation Menu. The first part explains how you can apply HTML, JavaScript and CSS to setup the basics for your menu. Part 2 will focus on the additional JavaScript that is needed to finish the menu.

“Open any newspaper you'll find at least one comic where someone is swearing at his computer for being inscrutable. That frustration with computers is a universal experience, which is why those comics speak to us.” The person we interviewed this month, Aza Raskin, is an interface design specialist whose goal is to make the world a place were those comics do not exist. He gives some insightful information on interface and interaction design.

Linda Goin presents varying perspectives on information design, the role that graphic designers play in presenting visual information, and suggests a project that will round out your portfolio. Furthermore she learns you how to visualize quantitative and qualitative information.

After that she shows you what you’ll need in your Art or Creative Director’s portfolios. You’ll learn how to define your projects by eight different categories so that you can begin to create a flowchart for your online and CD portfolios.

Linda moves on to build a fantasy landscape with Photoshop. She’ll use images extracted from several photographs. Linda alters the resultant layers with filters and blending modes. Last but not least she’ll show you how to create a layout based upon the Rule of Thirds.




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