March 2008 Issue

This edition holds a great collection of tutorials for both developers and designers. The jQuery and Flex articles are a valuable addition to your development skills while our Fireworks article teaches you how to create those great web 2.0 style buttons. Last but not least, our interview with Marta Dahlig will inspire your design work.

Contents of the March Issue

Dan Wellman introduces you to the wonderful world of jQuery, a framework that is more and more used for the development of internet sites and applications. Even giants like Google use this ever more popular framework. In part one the foundational aspects of the library are explained, including how basic element selection is carried out and how jQuery methods can be used on the fundamental jQuery objects created following element selection. In part two Dan tells you how how events are handled within the jQuery framework and how we can detect and react to them in our own web applications and the methods available to you to build an effective event solution. In the last part we’ll be looking in detail at the range of CSS tools that come with jQuery. While other components provide essential behaviour for your pages, CSS provides the decoration that adds personality to your pages.

We have an interview with Marta Dahlig, art has been the biggest passion of her life since
she was born. "My parents told me, I was drawing before even learning how to walk",
Martha Says.

Sas Jacobs shows you how to work with the DataGrid control in Flex. It allows you to display data in a table-like structure of rows and columns. One of the great things about Flex 2 is that the DataGrid comes with features like drag and drop, built in sorting and renderers so you can easily display images and other components in a DataGrid column. You can also add content to the DataGrid from an external source like an XML document or a text file. You’ll learn how to display content from an external source and how to set up the DataGrid columns.

And last but not least, Thierry Lorrey is going to show you how to design a simple, professional & glossy “Download” button in Fireworks CS3.




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