3D ImageFlow Gallery for Flash Manual Support

Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation

Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation. Create an amazing gallery with cool perspective effects in seconds and give your photos stunning 3D and camera effects. The component is fully ActionScript 2 compatible.

This extension is build for the Flash IDE and is designed for building Flash Applications. Take a look at the ActionScript 2.0 reference, documentation,video tutorial and our Premium Content Tutorial

There is also a Dreamweaver version that is build for use in Dreamweaver websites. Last but not least there is a Visual Studio .NET version of 3D ImageFlow Gallery that allows you to create galleries for your ASP.NET sites with Visual Studio.

The extension has been discontinued. 



Bring The Natural Flow To Your Galleries

  • Create a cool 3D gallery or slideshow in seconds
    • Create a 3D Gallery with fluent transitions in seconds that will amaze your audience.

    • Create dazzling 3D reflections and smooth transitions for the best experience
    • Get creative and use the full potential of 3D gallery positioning using the Space Main, Space Back, Speed and Angle options.

  • Amazing 3D and Camera Effects
    • Depth Of Field is an effect to mimic camera effects that enable to focus on certain objects while leaving others blurred. This is great for adding more depth to your gallery images.

    • Distance Fog enhances the perception of distance.

    • Motion Blur emphasizes movement and enhances your animated effects.

  • Progressive loading of images
    Images become visible as soon as they are loaded, so you can start navigating right away, you don't have to wait for the complete gallery to load.

  • Great accessibility
    • Full keyboard navigation is at your disposal. Use left and right arrows to navigate to the next/previous photo, PageUp/PageDown to move by 5 at a time and Home and End keys to move to the beginning or to the end of the gallery.
    • Use the mousewheel on your pc for the quickest and easiest navigation.
  • Fully customizable gallery title, backgrounds and photo descriptions
    • You can customize the elements in your gallery so they always fit your site design.
    • Add custom description and links to each image.

  • Amazing photo display in perspective
    Smooth transitions and fantastic reflections for the best experience.

  • Full control of your gallery and photos positions
    You decide the spacing, angle and depth of the photos in your 3D gallery.
  • Interactivity
    Add clickable links to your gallery.
  • Fully integrated in the Flash IDE
    • The ActionScript 2 component can be dragged on the Flash scene and is fully integrated in the Flash IDE, which means you can integrate it with your own Flash applications.

    • Set your options within user friendly interface and the Flash Component Inspector or The Flash Parameters menu, no coding is required.
    • View the animated preview to get optimal feedback of your settings.
    • Fully PC and MAC (OSX and Leopard) compatible.

  • Complies to the Flash UI Component standard
    The Gallery behaves like any other Flash UI component. Therefore it is fully compatible. You can use XML bindings for instance, so you don't need to handcode to get data from other sources. Also you are not restricted to one XML source.

  • Add your images and their properties with an easy menu
    You can use the Edit 3D ImageFlow Gallery command to add images, descriptions and links to your Gallery so you don't need to handcode your XML file.

  • Add images dynamically
    You can add your images and their properties dynamically using ActionScript 2.

  • Fully Programmable with ActionScript 2
    Integrate the gallery with other components as it is fully programmable using ActionScript 2, see the complete ActionScript 2 object reference.

  • Set the Gallery properties in Flash
    Use the Parameters from the property inspector in Flash to change the properties of your Gallery.

  • Integrate the Gallery With Other Components
    You can integrate the Gallery component with other components using the Bindings Menu from Flash.

  • Live Preview
    All changes are directly visible in the Flash IDE. The images are represented as placeholders.

  • Extensive documentation and Reference
    Almost 100 pages of extensive documentation, demos and tutorials are supplied with the component, making it usable for all levels of users.


New! flickr Demo

This demo shows a dynamic photo album that loads the images from Flickr. You can even use the search function of Flickr and display the photos inside your gallery! Make sure to read the tutorial to see how it is done.

New! Jukebox Demo

This Demo shows how you can create an interactive jukebox with soundcontrol, all you need is 3D ImageFlow Gallery for Flash. Make sure to view the video or read the tutorial to see how it is done.

BeowulF Demo

To show you the different possible gallery styles you can have with 3D ImageFlow Gallery, the BeowulF demo uses a large horizontal canvas that you can explore. The creatures seem to come forward due to the special effects we used.

Great Effects Mixed With Transparent Images

Red Square used a fantastic lit background with transparent images. They've also added Depth of Field, Depth Fog and MotionBlur effects.

Other Demos

3D ImageFlow Gallery supports transparency so you can create cut-outs of your favorite images like we did with the virtual office staff in the demo below. We used MotionBlur to emphasize the movement when switching slides. Depth Of Field And Fog Distance where applied to create the illusion of Depth.

This cool demo with photographs from Juri Tscharyiski shows cool 100 degree turns of the main image. We used a little bit of Fog Distance create the illusion of Depth. MotionBlur is applied as a finishing touch to emphasize the movement, although it is only a minimal effect in this gallery as the movement is slow and short.

This cool demo from Juri Tscharyiski features clickable images that shows where the pictures where taken on Google maps. We used MotionBlur to emphasize the movement when switching slides. Depth Of Field And Fog Distance where applied to create the illusion of Depth. Because of the large image size combined with the motionblur effect, you need a fast pc for this demo.

You can also use the gallery for your icons like in this demo. Tip: if you add links, you even have a cool navigation menu. MotionBlur is applied to emphasize the movement when switching slides. Depth Of Field And Fog Distance where used to create the illusion of Depth.


3D ImageFlow Gallery for Flash New Video

In this video we’ll show you how easy it is to create an MP3 jukebox with 3D ImageFlow Gallery For Flash.

Check out the Video read more


Type: AS2 Component
License: External link
Product: Flash 8, Flash CS3

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