April 2008 Issue

This month's edition is all about jQuery, Fireworks and Photography. Learn how to create interactive applications and websites in minutes with this fantastic framework. Add visual impact with Fireworks and jQuery effects. And get inspired by the photography of Dave Nitsche.

Contents of the April Issue

Richard will introduce you to jQuery UI Dialogs and themes. He'll  show you how they can be used to make a consistent and attractive web application.  

After he will show you how to make a Drag-and-Drop web shop application with jQuery UI with just a few lines of code.

Dan Wellman takes you into the world of jQuery Effects section; this part of the library can really add visual impact and appeal to your pages.

Then he shows you how to use the AJAX functionality provided by the library to enhance the interactivity of your webpages even further.

Sebastian Sulinski will show you how to create a grunge text effect using Photoshop CS3.

We interviewed one of the most promising modern photographers Dave Nitsche. A man that puts photography into a new perspective. He also gives some very practical tips.

Last but not least, Thierry shows you how to create a very modern and attractive mirror image effect also known as the reflection effect. It can be used for text and images. The effect will replicate that of an object sitting on a spotlessly clean reflective surface.





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