Mini-review & Competition Foundation Flash CS3 Video

Video is one of the most exciting features on today's Internet, with widespread adoption being made possible by advances in bandwidth and software. But simply streaming video clips to Web users is only the tip of the iceberg! Flash CS3 offers a whole host of advanced video features, allowing you to create breathtaking user experiences.

And this book, the 2nd edition of the critically-acclaimed Foundation Flash 8 Video, shows you how to make the most of video in Flash CS3. The authors start with the basics of creating video ready for use on the web using popular applications such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, creating FLV (Flash video) using both Flash and other applications such as Sorenson Squeeze, and importing that video into Flash.


With that out the way, then turn their attention to essential practical techniques such as creating and customizing video players, applying blends and filters to Flash Video, effective use of video alpha channel and masks, captioning, cue points, interactivity using the Camera object, going full screen, and much more.

This edition is fully-updated for Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0, and includes many new examples.

  • Learn how to create video for the web using popular applications such as iMovie and Movie Maker, and turn it into Flash Video using Flash, and other tools such as Sorenson Squeeze
  • Learn several essential practical techniques for manipulating video in Flash
  • New edition fully-updated for Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0, with new examples

In this book you'll learn

  • All the essential video features of Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0
  • How to create video using iMovie and Windows Movie Maker
  • How to process that video into Flash Video (FLV) using Flash, Sorenson Squeeze, and Flix Pro
  • How to create a video player and customize it
  • How to apply fantastic filters and blend modes to your video
  • How to use masks with video
  • How to create applications with multiple videos
  • How to allow the user to interact with your Flash using the camera object
  • How to add captions to your video
  • How to work will full screen video
  • A whole host of tips and special effects

Summary of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Creating and Playing Flash Video
  • Chapter 2 Editing Video for Flash
  • Chapter 3 Alternative FLV-Creation Tools
  • Chapter 4 Creating a Custom Player
  • Chapter 5 "Talking Head" Video and Alpha Channels
  • Chapter 6 Adding Filters and Blend Effects to Flash Video
  • Chapter 7 Masking Video
  • Chapter 8 Flash Video Tricks, Tips, and Special Effects
  • Chapter 9 Playing with Multiple Videos
  • Chapter 10 The Camera Object and Flash Video
  • Chapter 11 Cue Points and Captions in Flash Video
  • Chapter 12 Going Small and Going Big with Flash Video

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to learn Flash video from the ground up.


Foundation Flash CS3 Video is a very well-structured and consistent practical guide that shows how to master Flash video and interactive video-based web apps. This is a book for the novice which starts from the very ground of Flash video, the fundamentals. Then it unveils some of the coolest web video technologies available and finishes with a complete full-screen, DVD-quality video that plays on a typical web page. The book is full of sophisticated tips and tricks, additional explanations and information for further knowledge and entertainment.

We recommend this book as worthy for reading for anyone who has basic knowledge of Flash interface and is interested in creating Flash videos and related to it apps.


We've got a brand new mini-review and competition of Foundation Flash CS3 Video. The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books!

All you need to do, to enter the competition is, download the sample PDF and finish the following sentence:

"The first thing to understand about the filters in Flash CS3 Professional is..."

Send your answer to this e-mail address, before Wednesday the 20th of May 2008. Don't forget to include your post address and phone number (required for international shipping) in the e-mail.

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