DB Tree Support

This floater shows an alernative to the UltraDev DB Tree control that you can find in the Advanced Recordset Dialog. It's main advantage is that it is permanent on the screen and that displays usefull properties of the table columns. Very useful when hand coding some requests or print DB fields. The floater does not enable you to do something to your document.


Type: Floater
Product: UltraDev 4

Bruno Mairlot

Bruno MairlotBruno Mairlot works as full time employee in Security and High Availability company based in Luxembourg. He specialises in developing implementation of network and internet protocols with PHP and MySQL.
He began his working life as founder of a company for website development and network services four years ago, then moved on to work with other companies, but always working mainly as a website developer and security consultant for the web.

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cannt install your extension on ultradev 4

how can I install your extension...I do have a extension manager the new version and also I do have a ultradev 4...but still it cannt be installed...

error message:

"This extension requires the ff products: DreamweaverUltradev (ver 4 or greater) the extension will not be installed

can u help me pls


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