Announcing Google Insights for Search
August 8, 2008 by Tania Antonova Source article

Google is launching Google Insights for Search, a new product designed with the advertiser in mind. It provides more flexibility and functionality for advertisers and marketers to understand search behavior, and adds some cool new features like a world heat map to graphically display search volume and regional interest.

Elan Dekel and Niv Efron tell us about a new tool for fans of Google Trends:

"You can just type in a search term to see search volume patterns over time, as well as the top related and rising searches. You’ll also have the ability to compare search volume trends across multiple search terms, categories, geographic regions, or specific time ranges.

Take the example of entering the term apple. You'll notice that the majority of top related and rising searches are associated with the brand Apple."

"Google Insights for Search allows you to filter this query by the Food & Drink category, resulting in a dramatically different view of search volume trends and related searches of apple, the fruit. You can also use this filter to compare search terms with the category."

You can get started at the Google Insights for Search homepage. You'll need to sign into your Google account to see numbers or download results to a spreadsheet.

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